Newsletter 2011-2012
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About ITT Training
100 Hours Information Technology Training
Under the new scheme of Education and Training, an updated version of the Computer Training Programme relevant for the professional practice has been designed. Highlights of the new computer training programme are as follows:
  • Considering the improvement in the knowledge level of the student in the field of Information
    Technology at the school level, it has been decided to reduce the computer training from 250 Hours to 100 hours.
  • The training components would focus on application softwares relevant for accounting and auditing. In addition, knowledge of Electronic Spread Sheet, Data Base Management System, Web-technology and System Security and Maintenance are strengthened.
  • The 100 Hours ITT has been linked to theoretical knowledge imparted through Paper 5 Section A: Information Technology ( 50 Marks ). It has been planned to synchronize theoretical knowledge with practical training.
  • The 100 Hours ITT would commence only after a student gets registered for PCC and articled training and develop a primary knowledge about the training component of chartered accountancy education and training scheme. Therefore, 100 Hours ITT would commence only after expiry of at least three months of practical training. By that time, a student would be able to understand the relevance of Information Technology knowledge.
  • The 100 Hours ITT are carried out through Regional Councils and Branches of the ICAI which would charge fees Rs.4000.
  • The 100 Hours ITT is moduled in 25 days @ Four hours per day on full time basis.
  • Students will be treated on duty under practical training for undergoing 100 hours ITT and three hours final examination for 100 Hours ITT on making proper application to their Principal.